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Global, executive-oriented cement industry coverage. Drawing on our roots in research and analysis as well as practical business experiences, the bimonthly, management-oriented CemWeek Magazine publication fills an analytical and information void in the global cement industry. Each issue will include activity summaries and projections from the CW Group Research team for all regions of the world, plus in-depth articles on topics and trends of particular interest. We hope you will find the new information source helpful in forming your business decisions. If you prefer to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at sales@cemweek.com. You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

 In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Song Zhiping: a thorough conversation on the sustainability of the global cement industry

- Seaborne trade of cementitious materials through 2024: trends for the next five years, including shifting trade flows and cement no longer taking center stage

- Cement bagging equipment: a market to be shaped by capacity additions and shifting transportation preferences

- Country Snapshot: Iraq Cement Market.

In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

Interview with André Jasienski, President of FEBELCEM (Federation of the Belgian Cement Industry), on the evolution of FEBELCEM, the Belgian cement industry’s main challenges in the upcoming years, as well as the steps it can take towards a more sustainable production approach;

- Top Cement Companies’ Financial Performance: global players recorded a positive year in terms of sales and volumes, despite obstacles;

- World cement volumes 2018-2023: CW Research presents its five-year forecast and explains how factors such as the Chinese government’s crackdown on the cement industry are bound to curb global cement demand;

- Country Snapshot: Ivory Coast Cement Market.

In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Paul Rodzianko, President of Georgian Cement Association and CEO of Kavkaz Cement, on the importance of controlling cement quality, the competitiveness of the Georgian cement industry, and sustainability;

- Most read stories of 2018 in the global cement industry: the top news show a cement industry willing to embrace the future;

- 4 Challenges facing the cement industry in 2019: from a slowing economic growth to sustainability;

- Oil well cement: CW Research analyzes production, demand and pricing trends of a recovering premium industry through 2024.

In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Tom Tietz, Executive Director at California Nevada Cement Association, on the California/Nevada cement industry, concrete, and curbing CO2 emissions;

- Analysis of the US cement industry and whether it can sustain a growing cement demand;

- Global and regional assessment of domestic and trade cement prices in 3Q 2018;

- Focus on the Kenyan cement market.

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