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Global demand for aluminum is expected to contract in 2019

Yet, petcoke demand surged by a double digit

Overall exports to the US dropped year-on-year

The refinery produces petroleum coke

The decision had to be previously delayed


18 October 2019

Cement prices increase in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Prices for bulk cement rose for the third time this year

18 October 2019

Alcoa restructuring on slower aluminum demand expectations

Global demand for aluminum is expected to contract in 2019

18 October 2019

Baltic Dry Index continues to plunge

Data for October 17

18 October 2019

China’s benchmark power coal price edges down

Coal inventories at northern facilities have increased

18 October 2019

Kazakhstan’s coal prices increase threefold

To consumers, coal is already being sold at a minimum of KZT 14 thousand

17 October 2019

Morocco’s cement sales rise in September

Consumption in the building segment increased year-on-year in January-September

17 October 2019

India’s fuel consumption drops to 2-year low in September

Yet, petcoke demand surged by a double digit

Indonesia’s cement sales drop in August
The cement market’s prospects are being revised
11 Oct
11 Oct
Indocement unsure about achieving annual cement sales target
The company is still confident sales will increase in second half of the year
10 Oct
India’s cement companies to benefit from decrease in costs
While cement prices have been decreasing, profits are not expected to be affected
16 Oct
Timlyui Cement increases production in January-August
The company has acquired new customers during this period
10 Oct
Brazil’s cement sales climb in September
The sector’s stakeholders are confident about further increases in sales for the rest of the year
10 Oct
India’s cement demand expected to increase in December quarter
The start of the festival season is to signal growth in prices and demand
16 Oct
Spain (June 2019)

Cement demand in Spain dropped by 9.0% to 1,213,910 tons during the month of June compared to the pr...

Thailand (July 2019)

Cement production continued to grow YoY in July in Thailand. Cement production strengthened both mon...

Poland (August 2019)

Cement production continued to fall YoY in August in Poland In August, cement production in Poland ...

Mexico (July 2019)

Gray cement production in Mexico fell to 3,399,049 tons in July, down 1.3% from 3,443,389 tons in Ju...

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